Westfield, Indiana


Roundabout & Roadway Design

The City of Westfield selected VS to provide comprehensive engineering design services for its “West Access Boulevard” Roadway Project. The purpose of this project was to construct a road segment extension from the underpass bridge built by INDOT and connecting into 151st Street. At the intersection of the West Access and 151st Street, a modern roundabout was designed and constructed. This project allows a north-south movement for motorists wishing to avoid the US 31 interchanges. In addition, the extension of the Monon Trail along Greyhound Pass and along 156th Street.

The roadway was designed as a 2-lane roadway that can accommodate future lanes. Multi-use path is present on both sides of the roadway and the roundabout area, along the northside of 156th Street, and along the northside of Greyhound Pass to the Monon Trail. To ensure that the corridor is accessible to all pedestrians, the design included ADA accessible ramps at all cross walks. The storm water design included three underground detention areas to meet the runoff requirements.

This project encompassed design of a roadway with two 12’ lanes and a center median and curb. Elements VS considered in this project included the gas/oil pipeline at the north end of the project, Right-of-Way requirements to determine final pathway and roundabout location, and environmental disturbance inherent in each option. Upon careful survey and consideration of the various data involved, a design for this new roadway was submitted to the City of Westfield, successfully saving the City time and money through careful consideration of all alternatives.